The Forgotten Vitamin D Vitamin

According to the data, people living in Bangkok have lower vitamin D levels than Thais in other regions, with over 60 percent of the people living in Bangkok. And nearly 50 percent of the people in the cities and provinces have more vitamin D deficiency than people in rural areas, although our bodies can synthesize vitamin D from the skin when exposed to sunlight. But from the changing behavior Most people live in a room or building. And came out to be exposed to less sunlight Thus causing a condition that we call Hypothyroidism or vitamin D deficiency

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How important is vitamin D ?

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin. It is important to the functioning of the body.

  • It helps in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus from food. And maintain normal levels of these minerals in the blood
  • Inhibits the secretion of parathyroid hormone, which causes bone breakdown.

If vitamin D deficiency will result in a decrease in the absorption of calcium in the digestive tract. Bone mass decreases when slipped, falls can be at an increased risk of fractures . Additionally, vitamin D deficiency can lead to serious complications, including low blood calcium and phosphorus levels. Ricket disease in children (Ricket disease) and rickets in adults. (Osteomalacia) etc.

The Importance Of Vitamin D

Besides vitamin D, it has a primary function in helping calcium absorption. Helps keep bones strong and prevents disease of thin bones (Osteopenia) and osteoporosis. (Osteoporosis). Vitamin D also has many unique properties that many people may not have known about. Vitamin D is structurally similar to sex hormones. It plays an important role in regulating important processes in the body, such as helping to reduce parathyroid hormone (Parathyroid Hormone), prevent calcium loss from bone. Increases the secretion of the hormone insulin (Insulin) helps to balance blood sugar and prevent diabetes.

The study found that People with vitamin D deficiency are at greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes, and taking vitamin D supplements can significantly improve the glucose metabolism of the body. Vitamin D has also been associated with high blood pressure. (Hypertension) and angina. (Cardiovascular Diseases) as well.

Vitamin D also plays an important role in stimulating the immune system (Immune System). Vitamin D Receptor, or receptor that binds to vitamin D on T cells and B cells, is a white blood cell responsible for eradication Foreign body threats such as bacteria, viruses, cancer cells, there is a lot of research currently supporting vitamin D supplementation to help fight cancers such as colon cancer, breast cancer, and glandular cancer. Prostate Cancer

Vitamin D helps the brain secrete serotonin (Serotonin) to help reduce stress (Stress) and depression (Depression) as well on the skin. Vitamin D helps in cell division (Cell Proliferation) and the development of cells to repair various wear and tear, delay skin aging (Delay Skin Aging). Vitamin D also affects exercise and sports performance. Especially in sports that are heavy and continuous for a long time called Endurance Sport, such as long-distance running, cycling, triathlons

According to research, vitamin D has been shown to increase the potential of the following:

  • Bring oxygen from the blood to better supply the muscles during exercise.
  • Reduce symptoms of muscle fatigue and inflammation
  • Increase muscle strength and durability Can bear the impact better

From the importance of all these vitamin D It is an indication of why it is important to take vitamin D regularly, so vitamin D is another vitamin that should be taken at home. To strengthen the body Increase bone strength Balance the sugar in the body. Enhance immunity And also helps in preventing high blood pressure as well