Vitamin D, the king of strong bones

According to the data, people living in Bangkok have lower vitamin D levels than Thais in other regions, with over 60 percent of the people living in Bangkok. And nearly 50 percent of the people in the cities and provinces have more vitamin D deficiency than people in rural areas, although our bodies can synthesize vitamin D from the skin when exposed to sunlight. But from the changing behavior Most people live in a room or building. And came out to be exposed to less sunlight Thus causing a condition that we call Hypothyroidism or vitamin D deficiency

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Naturally vitamin D It is divided into various forms such as D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, the form or form that most affects the human body, D2 and D3. and the obstacles to the skin by exposure to sunlight is sufficient
vitamin d  is also found in meat, fish, fatty fish such as salmon trout, tuna, etc. it is found in fish liver oil, meat, eggs, milk, cod liver oil. Animal Liver, Fat, Butter

Vitamin D  also helps reduce osteoporosis. That is to help the body absorb calcium for use in the process of building bones and teeth. Help to maintain the balance of the bone building Prevents more bone breakdown than bone formation. Strengthens the bones Reduces the risk of bone fracture. Or the occurrence of thin bones That will lead to osteoporosis

Best sources of vitamin D you should know about

Vitamin D is very rare in plant foods. It is found low in dairy foods. And found in the highest amounts in some animal-derived foods For example High-fat fish, cod liver, cod liver, various oils, eggs and butter.

              If you think your body is getting too little vitamin D Or your doctor recommends taking more vitamin D. And are looking for vitamin D to eat We pamper you by collecting the most popular vitamin D for you. With the selection criteria:

  1. Look for the right amount of vitamin D ingredients.

The label of vitamin and supplement products will always state that What nutrients does the product contain? And how much is the quantity per serving? Which we have to look at And to compare how many percent of the amount we eat into the RDA or the recommended daily intake of nutrients. If supplements are less than 100% of the RDA, then we need to get more vitamins and minerals from the diet.The recommended daily intake of nutrients (RDA) vitamin D should be 5 micrograms per day. And should not take more than 100 micrograms (4,000 IU) of vitamin D per day, as this can cause high blood calcium and be harmful to the body. 

  1. Choose certified vitamin D

All kinds of vitamins and supplements that we will take into your mouth. Must first be sure that there is a FDA that is correct and complete This shows that it has been certified by the Food and Drug Administration. In addition, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards are important as well. Because it indicates the standard in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturing industry And in the United States, there are also NSFs for the inspection and control of contaminants in products. Which if the vitamin D we target has these standard markers It can be assured to a certain extent

  1. Find the right way to eat.

Before you buy the top vitamin D Always read the label carefully at what time the product should be eaten. Can you take it with food? How many times a day do you need to eat?

  1. Do not follow the trend and do not look for cheap things.

Before taking vitamin D We should consider the properties of the product well first that it is true or not. By studying from many sources and sometimes cheap things are not always good. Must see if the product is certified or not What are the components and properties? To make smart and cost-effective purchasing decisions

From the importance of all these vitamin D It is an indication of why it is important to take vitamin D regularly, so vitamin D is another vitamin that should be taken at home. To strengthen the body Increase bone strength Balance the sugar in the body. Enhance immunity And also helps in preventing high blood pressure as well